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about wunderwald

Sebastian Weingart is a freelanced photographer from Dresden, 
He is the mastermind behind ‘wunderwald‘ and enchants the 
spectators of his photographs by catching the fantastic and 
fairytale mood of unique spots.

He loves to travel, to discover landscapes and to capture them forever 
with his camera. Sebastians‘ focus is on special moments while being 
outside in the nature, experiencing new adventures.

In the course of enjoying every single moment outside, he already 
traveled to destinations like Venezuela, China and Tibet. 
Those impressions shaped  his style and repertoire  for sure. 
But after all this trips Sebastian realized that his homeland offers 
beautiful landscapes too and he began to worship and to visit them 
more often than before.

Through his pictures he tries to take the spectators on the trips with him, 
especially trough places close to his hometown, and to give them a 
chance to see the world through his eyes for just a little moment. To let 
them see a little ‘wunderwald’ again.

Of course there was a time before being so travel-mad. Sebastian 
studied landscape architecture and worked for three years in an office. 
But office work wasn’t as fulfilling as it seemed. So he got back to 
taking pictures and creating exceptional memories.

You’d like to convince yourself and be enchanted? 
Check out the wedding pictures on his homepage:      herr wunderwald